MUKABHAYANGA – face care and medicinal treatment – 40 euro / per 1 hour

For the sake of the beauty of a woman, Ayurveda offers many treatments, I have prepared for you a treatment that has a beneficial effect on the skin of the face, neck and cleavage.

It is a treatment that cleans and calms the skin of the face.  Peeling is prepared only from natural products in accordance with the principle that only what you can eat can be applied to the face.  So we have absolute certainty that nothing will hurt us. The treatment relaxes, moisturizes and regenerates the face and neckline.

It enhances microcirculation and reduces the effects of irritation.  The mixture of herbs, oils and other products is tailored to the personal needs of each woman.

Both of these treatments are completely safe and beneficial for everyone.


What is DOSHA

Body structure and dosha – how to put it simply …

I will support here a quote from the book “Ayurveda the medicine of nature” by David Frawley and Subhash Ranade.


“Have you ever looked at yourself and then looked at those around you and noticed how similar you are to some and how different you are from others?  It is clear that people are very different, both physically and mentally, these differences must be weighed against their health and happiness. Ayurvedic treatment is based on understanding the individual constitution of each of us. “


These differences, reduced to the three types of human constitution, are:


Basically, before we undertake any treatments, we should diagnose what dosha we are.


A short test will diagnose your constitution and it may be the first step to understand why we are struggling with various ailments, how to learn to understand their origins, to avoid what is harmful to us, and how to care for what helps us.