HINDU HEAD MASSAGE – 30 euro / per 1 hour

HINDU HEAD MASSAGE with the use of oil It relaxes the muscles of the skull, relieves tension in the shoulders, neck and head, strengthens the scalp, strengthens the hair follicles and activates the growth of new hair (baby hair), activates the process of brain oxygenation, inhibits hair loss, alleviates headaches, migraines, and tinnitus, helps in the fight against insomnia (OIL HEAD MASSAGE ALSO GREATLY REGENERATES HAIR, BUT CAREFUL THAT THE SKIN AND HAIR WILL GET OILY AFTER:) )

AYURVEDA 5000 years of tradition …

AJUH – life

VEDA – knowledge

“For those who recognize benevolence towards people as the highest religion and heal their patients accordingly, all life goals and happiness will be achieved to the greatest extent”.


Ayurveda is recognized by the WHO (World Health Organization) as one of the most important medical traditions in the world, essential for human health.

AJURVEDA is a treasure trove of wisdom and knowledge.

I try to explore and learn its secrets, although I know that I am at the beginning of this path.

It gives us ready-made answers on how to deal with all diseases and disorders, both in the physical, spiritual and mental spheres, because these spheres are closely related to each other and a person should be perceived as a whole, not impersonally as a hand or a sore head.

Also out of concern for the beauty of a woman, Ayurveda offers many treatments I have prepared for you.